Perfect Circle Product Support

These pages are intended for Perfect Circle Customers to easily obtain updates, documentation, and other support type information.

Perfect Circle Technical Support is available by calling (619) 817-8440, select option 1 for support, then option 1 again for business hours support (Monday thru Friday 7:00 to 5:00 Pacific time), or option 2 for after hours support. You may also email PCS support at

PCS Training Videos

Learn how to instll and use PCS with these video training aids.

PCS Training Videos Download Page.

Your In House System Manager

Perfect Circle Products are complete business systems designed to make daily transactions very easy, and to prevent data entry operators from making errors. In order to make the day to day transactions easy and relatively error free, the business rules must be configured into your Perfect Circle Software to tell the system what is allowed, and what is not allowed. This configuration of business rules is very powerful, and a small change can have a major impact. Managers that establish business rules need to be precise and specific. Your In House System Manager should be know how to adjust the configuration of these rules. He should work with your users to insure the rules are being applied correctly and the system is working as desired. You In House System Manager is the primary conduit for PCS support. If a user has a problem, they should first report it to your system manager, who will determine if it is an operator problem, a business rules configuration problem, a hardware problem, or a PCS Software problem. He will then effect repairs unless it is a PCS Software problem in which case he will call PCS, and we will effect reparis. With everything working correctly and your business rules configuration for any given business unit is complete, your system will impose those rules on the people who process transactions every day, without much manager intervention. It is important to insure your business rules have been specified to reflect your environment.

PCS Thin Client Software

If you are using a PCS Data Center or have licensed the PCS Applicaton Server, you may download current Thin Clients in order to access your PCS data.

PCS Thin Clients and PCS Printer Clients Download Page.

PCS Thick Client Configuration

This section contains instructions for creating a Windows shortcut and changing the font style and size when you are accesing PCS directly from your server without having licensed the PCS Applicaton Server.

Contact PCS Support for Thick Client Configuration Instructions.

PCS Application Updates

You may download updates to your PCS application. These updates are provided by means of a zip file which you will download into a temporary directory, unzip the file, and copy the contents into the appropriate program directory. If you are using a PCS Data Center, this is done automatically for you by PCS support personnel.

PCS Application Updates Download Page.

PCS Version 5.3 and earlier

PCS Version 5.3 and earlier are no longer supported with the exception of bug fixes if any, and menu updates. Version 5.3 and earlier used a dramatically different architecture than Version 5.4 and later. This new architecture used in v5.4 is easier to support, so much more support in included in your standard support agreement. If you are using v5.3 or earlier, please call PCS to discuss moving your system to v5.4.

v5.3 Menu Updates and Bug Fixes for v5.3 support pages.

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